– Wholesaling Your Artwork

Instructor: Mary Beth Beuke

Date of Workshop:  TBA

Workshop Length: 1.5 hours

Cost of Workshop: $20

Location: Dungeness Design, 520 N. Sequim Ave. Sequim, WA

Workshop Description:  For those who’ve ever desired to get their product out into the store and boutique market.  This informative course will aid the professional artist with practical tools and tips to move their art from their work studio and into the hands of the retail store and ultimately the retail shopper.

Students will learn:

  • To represent themself well to the wholesale buyer.
  • About pricing, putting a value on their art product for resale.
  • Basics of promoting a product line to the buyer.
  • How not to saturate a market or “water down” your work.
  • Basics of invoicing, and wholesale account management.
  • Why the brick and mortar “storefront” is a viable venue.
  • Lots more…

Time: TBA

Questions or to order by phone call: 360.461.9560

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